About Us

VentureTECH Corporation

A Quality Chemical Company

VentureTECH is a privately held family owned corporation that operates out of a 20,000 square foot facility in West Knoxville, Tennessee. Products are manufactured at this facility and at other sub sites.

VentureTECH maintains over 800 liquid and powder formulations including a complete line of VentureTECH branded products and an extensive array of custom private label blends.

Our hallmark is flexibility.

We are agile, market driven, and take the shape of our customers. We private label products on a minimum of one case. This is to help customers test market new concepts with a minimum of investment.

We compete and offer services in several markets with independent distribution networks. We are able to apply common technologies across these markets to capitalize on proven performance.

When others will not private label a one case order — We will!
When others will not custom blend a one-drum formula — We will!
When others will not change color or fragrance of a branded line — We will!

VentureTECH Corporation
10350 Yellow Pine Lane
Knoxville, TN 37932