Hand and Body

Coconut Hand Soap

Coconut Hand Soap

A delicately perfumed neutral hand soap made from the purest grade of coconut oil. A super lathering and soil effective hand soap that is mild on hands. A little goes a long way!

  • Made for delicate skin.
  • Ideal for dispenser use.
  • Available in 15%, 20% and 40% coconut formulations.

Grease Monkey

Mechanics Hand Cleaner

Grease Monkey is a premium heavy duty hand cleaner that is specially formulated to remove tough soils and grime, yet be gentle on the skin and hands.

New Dimension

Aloe Hair & Hand Shampoo

New Dimension is a premium shampoo formulation enriched with aloe, special emollients and mild cleaners which gently emulsify soils and dirt. This concentrated blend of cleansers and conditioners make hair soft and manageable while soothing rough, dried skin. A must for anyone who showers and/or washes their skin several times a day; leaves skin and hair squeaky clean yet soft and protected.

  • Made with Aloe Vera
  • Rich, Abundant Lather
  • Pleasant Fragrance
  • Pearlized

Pearl Plus

Pearlized Hair & Hand Shampoo

A premium pearlized hair and hand shampoo at a more economical price.

A concentrated blend of mild cleansers and conditioners that makes hair soft and manageable while helping soothe rough, dried skin. Complete with extra emollients and conditioners that leave hair and skin soft and clean. A must for anyone who must shower and/or wash their skin several times daily.

  • Rich, Abundant Lather
  • Pleasant Fragrance
  • Pearlized

Pick Body

Body Shampoo

Pick Body Shampoo dissolves grease, carbon black, coal dust, oil, oil-based paint, ink, dye, adhesives and many other persistent soils, yet is very gentle and non-irritating to the skin and scalp. Use in the shower to wash body and hair, or in a shop or bathroom to clean grimy, greasy hands.

  • Superior Body and Shower Product
  • Cleans from Head to Toe
  • Tough on Soil, Easy on Skin

Pick Hand

Hand Soap

Pick Hand Cleaner dissolves oil, grease, paint, and other persistent soils, yet is safe and gentle to skin. Works perfectly as a waterless hand cleaner to clean soiled skin and hands.

Pink Lotion

Economical Hand Soap

Our most economical hand soap!

Pink Lotion contains detergents, emollients, and lotions which softens hands and gently removes grease and dirt while leaving hands with a pleasant cherry scent. This ready-for-use soap can be dispensed from either a liquid or a lather type dispenser, or directly from the bottle.


Clear Moisturizing Hand Soap


A clear moisturizing hand soap and shampoo based on premium conditioning ingredients and a economical multi-detergent system.

  • Fragrance Free
  • Dye Free
  • Mild to Skin

Royal Gold

Citrus Hand Cleaner

Royal Gold emulsifies and dissolves all grease, dirt, and grime encountered in industry, even carbon black. Royal Gold has a clean, fresh fragrance and is quick and simple to use while leaving the skin comfortably soft and clean with no film.

  • Extremely gentle on the hands.
  • Does not contain any harsh solvents.
  • Will not produce defatting of the skin.

Royal Pink

Lanolin Hand Soap

A special blend of fine detergents, emollients and lotions that gently remove grease and dirt while leaving hands pleasantly scented and soft.


Premium Liquid Hand Soap

Skin-So-Soft is a premium hand soap that is specially formulated to be tough on soils yet gentle on hands and skin with a pleasant bouquet fragrance.

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