Pressure Wash Liquids

Empire Liquid

Concentrated Liquid Cleaner

A superior concentrated liquid for removal of road film from car and truck surfaces by high-pressure cleaning. Empire is formulated with a high pH snd is extremely effective on truck bodies and heavy equipment, yet is safe on cars.


Concentrated Alkaline Cleaner

A concentrated highly alkaline liquid cleaner for use in high-pressure wash equipment for spray cleaning truck bodies, equipment and other greasy and soiled surfaces. Removes grease, road film, smoke and other hard to remove soils.

Steam Clean

Pressure Wash Cleaner

A highly concentrated liquid cleaner for use in high pressure washers for spray cleaning of cars, trucks and equipment. Removes road film, grease and oily soils. Rinses without streaking or blooming. Medium suds. Safe on all painted surfaces.

Super Truck Wash

Pressure Wash Cleaner

An economical, yet powerful, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, extremely soluble, highly concentrated liquid car and truck pressure wash solution. Dilution Ratio: 4 lbs. to 5 gallon and meter 40:1.

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