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We make what your business needs.

VentureTECH is a privately held, family owned corporation that manufactures specialty chemical products for a wide variety of industrial and small business needs from our Knoxville, Tennessee production facility.

Contact us today to learn about creating your own line of chemical products to suit your business needs.

No order is too small.
With a minimum order of one case (4 gallons), flexibility is the hallmark of our company. We are the only custom blending chemical company that creates market driven chemical products for small to medium sized businesses.

While other companies may say your order is too small, Venture TECH is ready to help you market
test new products and services with small chemical batching.

We don’t just sell what we make; we make what our customers can sell.
Private labeling.
We provide a wide range of custom toll blending and powder mixing for our customers for their own unique, privately labeled chemical products for commercial use. With over 800 liquid and powder formulations readily available, it's likely we already produce a mission critical chemical compound your company needs at a fraction of the market price.
Product matching.
Looking for savings on the specialty chemical formulations your business must have to function? Send us a sample of your product, and we'll happily engineer your own, private label chemical product to your specifications.